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About Me

My name is Logan Fults. I am a 2017 graduate from Oneida High School. I attended and obtained degrees from Lincoln Memorial University. I have a degree in Pre-Med Biology, a minor in Chemistry and a degree in Secondary Science Education (6-12). I began teaching here at OHS in 2021, at the end of the pandemic. I love being able to teach at my Alma Mater and hopefully give back to the school system that gave so much to me. I have had a blast so far and I cannot wait to continue on this journey. 


I teach Physical Science to high school students, the majority of which are freshmen. In this class we discuss the major types of energy and other basic Physics topics, such as speed, velocity, acceleration, and force. In my class we do several labs such as: creating inventions that produce the highest velocity for a bingo ball, observing motion of a homemade hovercraft, and observing the forces present in a game of broom ball. If you have any questions regarding my class, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Logan Fults

Physical Science Teacher

Oneida Special School District

195 North Bank Street, Oneida, TN 37841

Office: 423.569.8912

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The textbook for my class is: Conceptual Physics Twelfth Edition by Paul G. Hewitt.

We also answer Science EOC Questions from Tennessee End-of-Course Coach, Physical Science 61TN

Below are the links to my class syllabus and pacing guide: