About the School

Oneida High School Mission Statement

All students will be given the opportunity and be encouraged to succeed in personal, educational and community challenges.  Our goal is success, one student at a time.  Excuses are unacceptable and failure is not an option.

Oneida High School Goals

  1. To assist the student in the achievement of sound mental and physical health by instilling the concept of self-worth.

  2. To provide learning experiences in the fundamental tools of learning and communication to better prepare the student to live in a rapidly changing society.

  3. To challenge students to think critically.

  4. To establish patterns of discriminative learning that will encourage student learning beyond graduation.

  5. To teach the principles of democracy and provide experiences for developing good citizenship.

  6. To provide the knowledge and skills that enable students to make informed career decisions.

  7. To encourage each student to learn to reach intelligent decisions and accept responsibility for his or her actions and learn to live with others.

  8. To contribute to the aesthetic and ethical development of the individual.

  9. To develop an understanding of conditions conducive to worthy home membership and to successful family life.

  10. To aid and encourage students to make wise use of leisure time.

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