SWAT stands for Students With A Testimony, as in a "testimony of living with christ". SWAT holds meetings at the Methodist Church during 1st or 2nd lunch (time is determined by Mr. Byrd). They have guest speakers that come from area churches to speak with you occasionally during that time. They also have Christian Leadership training on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of a morning at 7:45. Those who attend the leadership meeting on Tuesday will have the opportunity of conducting the service on Wednesday. The SWAT members also collect money for a scholarship that will be presented to a graduating SWAT member. If you join SWAT, they become your service learning group. They will work together as a group to collect all the hours you need. They will have sign-ups for anyone interested (time determined by Mr. Byrd). If you have any questions you can ask the SWAT leaders... Shawn West and Mary Ann Brewster


Contact: Shawn West
              Mary Ann Brewster