Guidance Office

Brittany Martin, Oneida High School Guidance Counselor
Julie Douglas, Guidance Secretary
Scholarship Information 
Must be submited by April 13, 2020 
RSCC ScholarshipThe scholarship deadline is an absolute March 31st at 4:30 p.m.
Seniors the TN Promise meeting has been cancelled for Monday the 23rd.  There is a mandatory webinar that you must watch in its entirety by April 3rd
"As you know, tnAchieves canceled the remainder of the Tennessee Promise spring mentor meetings out of an abundance of caution and in consideration of statewide school closures. In lieu of traditional in-person mentor meetings, tnAchieves published a webinar for Tennessee Promise applicants to view. The webinar, which is accessible via computer or phone web browsers, provides the content traditionally covered at the spring meeting. To access the webinar, students can log into the tnAchieves portal by clicking on the following link: "